Version 2.0 released

Version 2.0 of Birding Trail contains many improvements:

  • iOS 7 compatibility.
  • Now you can mark a stop as a favorite from several different screens within the app including the Favorites screen itself.
  • New ‘Share’ tab was added on the stop screens (where the ‘star’ tab used to be).
  • Improvements were made to the Facebook experience.
  • Improvements were made to the accuracy of Wikipedia lookups of birds listed at stops.
  • Improvements were made to location awareness in Stops Near Me.
  • The Settings page is improved and includes new items: Tips, Rate this App, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.
  • Significant-change location services are now used to better preserve battery life.
  • Improvements were made to database integrity.
  • Network connection improvements were made.
  • Bug fixes.